Hi! My Name is Tristan

A Little Bit About Me

Fearless, analytics-driven, tech-savvy marketing hacker with a keen eye for design and a deep love of learning.

Flexible enough to be the leader of a team, cooperative worker, or a one man show on any given day.

Some Stuff I'm Good At

SEO 99%
SEM 75%
Conversion Optimization 99%
Writing 80%
Events 80%
Management 99%
PR 60%
Google-Fu 98%

More About Me?

I love learning. I am a voracious consumer of information online, in books, and am a firm believer that there is very little I can't learn how to do given internet access.

What I Love

I love technology. I tend to be an early adopter and enjoy being an ambassador for new tech. Yes, I wear that thing pretty much all the time, no I'm not recording this.

Work Hard

I love startup environments. Without passion, most work sucks. Thankfully, I can find something to be excited about in just about anything- so I'm a pretty happy person.

Ready To Rock

I love adventures. New and interesting challenges are what I live for. I dream pretty big, so I'm hoping my next adventure is life-changing for more than just me.

Work Experience

Work Experience

I have successfully started up, run profitably, and sold a technology company. This means I know how to wear a lot of hats and that I tend to gravitate where I can do the most good in an organization.

I'm a straightforward individual, driven by a need to solve problems through understanding them thoroughly and applying technical, creative, and effective solutions.


Digium & Switchvox


Recent Press

Recent Media Mentions

Voxox Gets Original - 03.04.2014


Voxox’s marketing maven, Tristan Barnum, has introduced original entertainment content as a way to get some attention for its partners and products. In a world of telecom where every booth at a show says the same thing, it’s nice to see some creativity in the Hosted VoIP space. Read more

Making Sense of the Meteoric Rise of OTT Apps - 10.29.2013

Tristan Barnum's byline for IDG Connect

OTT, or Over-the-Top, apps, so named for their communicating over the top, or out of the reach of mobile carriers’ services, are catching fire in the mobile app space. The proliferation of internet-connected supercomputers with frictionless purchases available through app stores in every pocket has paved the way for the incredible explosion of growth for OTT apps. Great news for users, great news for OTT app developers, but the outlook for operators is uncertain. Read more

Digium Asterisk, Switchvox Leader Joins Hosted PBX Specialist - 05.06.2013

Tristan Barnum, Switchvox Leader Joins Voxox

Tristan Barnum, a former Digium leader, has joined Telcentris as VP of marketing. Barnum is well-known as a pioneer of Asterisk, the open source IP BPX, within business circles and the IT channel. So what is Barnum up to at Telcentris? Here are some educated guesses from The VAR Guy. Read more

Contact Me

Contact Me

I am always seeking life-changing opportunities. Please reach out and send me your questions and inquiries.

tristan@tristanbarnum.com | 858-245-7939 | San Diego, California

VP, Marketing, Voxox – March 2013-Present

Built a marketing department. Prior to my arrival in late March, this 7 year old company had not had any employees in a marketing role for several years.

Rolled out marketing and sales automation tools that enabled the company to dramatically scale up marketing activity without dramatically increasing headcount.

Led the rebrand of Telcentris, Inc. as Voxox to shift company focus from a primarily B2B telecommunications provider to a publisher of consumer applications.

Organized participation in 12 trade shows in 13 months with booths at international events in Europe, South America and the Middle East, including Mobile World Congress with attendees.

Launched Voxox’s first Android App and a completely revamped version of the 6 year old Voxox iOS app. Downloads increased 680% in only 6 months. Launch activities included app store optimization, PR efforts, and only a $25k one-time advertising spend.

Increased unique web visits by 1020% in less than a year, largely through organic efforts and a strategic acquisition.

Developed an organic inbound lead strategy for B2B business units that resulted in a nearly 2000% increase in qualified leads in less than a year. Strategy included ramping up blog publishing with more strategic content containing highly relevant calls-to-action that linked to multi-variate tested and optimized landing pages that enrolled leads into targeted email nurturing campaigns.

Turned around neglected social media channels in crisis that had devolved into a buzzing hive of angry customers. Launched original content strategy designed to tell the Voxox story in social media, resulting in 400% more social engagement on all social channels.

Switchvox & Digium

Director, Marketing & Product Management, Digium – 2007-2013

In 2007, Digium acquired Switchvox, which became Digium’s flagship product line.

Director of Marketing, Business Products

Integrated Switchvox into Digium product family and sales channels. Updated branding, marketing materials, and sales & training tools. Oversaw transition to new website that included updating look and feel, optimizing user experience and dramatically improving maintainability by rolling out a CMS.

Director of Product Management, Business Products

Responsibilities included providing technical specifications, interaction diagrams, and mockups to engineering; providing product information appropriate for consumption by sales and marketing; project management; hosting live webinars for potential customers and resellers; blogging.

Product Manager and User Interface Designer

Digium IP Phones. Successfully launched in the market 1 year after project kickoff. The addition of phones to Digium’s product line doubled division revenue almost immediately.

Co-founder & COO, Switchvox – 2003-2007

Founded with 3 business partners as Four Loop Technologies, Switchvox is an open-source based IP phone system designed for small and medium enterprise and sold primarily through a reseller channel. Roles included interface design and engineering, support, sales, marketing, webmaster, and business development. Grew Switchvox to 14 employees and $4m in revenue in 4 years, then sold to Digium.


Director, User Experience, MP3.com/Vivendi Universal Net USA – 1999-2003

Began work at MP3.com as a summer job as a multi-media intern 5 months prior to what at the time was the largest tech IPO in history. Became user experience designer for special projects and research & development engineer for partners including creating a prototype user interface for PortalPlayer, who was subsequently chosen to be the encode/decode chip manufacturer for Apple’s new product, the iPod. Other special projects included interface design for several portable & home music streaming devices, OnCommand’s hotel entertainment network, Delphi, and Nokia.

Post-acquisition by Vivendi Universal Net USA, assisted in integration and absorption of other acquired music technology companies such as rollingstone.com, emusic.com, and Napster.